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    Angry Unanswered: Need Help on Subclassing of scrollbar of


    Really need help with the subbclassing of scrollbar of
    Everything worked fine on XP and-so-on but seems to fail on Windows 7 (64Bitt) after 100+times a form is shown with the subclass.

    It shows me an out of memory message, that seem a bit far fetched on a 4GB RAM laptop
    Can anybody give some advice on this. I've googled till kingdoms come but with no success.

    Thanks a mill
    Greetz Marvels -^.^-
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    Possible fix

    Hi, maybe the bug is related to ssubtmr6.dll, which is used for subclassing of the vbaccelerator scrollbars. I described the issue here and published a fixed version: mumrik23 (in fact, the API GetProp returns an error 5 - out of memory).

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