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    Unanswered: How should I arrange this data?

    I'm now in charge of our envelope inventory. It's spread out in a number of locations in the warehouse. I've given the locations unique labels and there are unique labels for each type of envelope as well.

    I have an spreadsheet with a row for each location then I enter what type of envelope is in the location and the quantity.

    What I'm looking for is a way to call up the data by the description label and easily total what quantities I have of that particular type of envelope from the various locations.

    Spread sheet headers look like this:

    Location Client Description Qty Inventory Date

    I have Excel 2007 and Access 2003 to work with. This is pretty simple, but I just can't see the solution.


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    I would create a dynamic named range for your data and pivot table it. I assume the columns will stay the same so something like this create a named range with something like this =offset(A1,0,0,counta(A1:A65000),5)

    Loads of info on here for pivot tables.

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