Good Day!

I am about to throw my computer out the window but considered getting some help first. Here is where I am struggling:

I have an Access database that has many tables. I am trying to import data from Excel into two fields in one of those tables (PR table).

One of the fields is linked to another table (BC table) that has a set of values. The only fields in the BC table are the Autonumber and a list of text values. The PR Table field is set up as a Combo Box from the Table and allows multlple values. The format is set up as a long integer (I assume to connect or link it to the AutoNumber to keep it unique). When I try to import, the table wont accept the data from Excel regardless of my format (either number or text) or if I use a number or actual text that would correspond to one of the items on the list.

The other field in the PR table is a Combo Box/Value List with 5 options to choose from. Multiple values are allowed here as well. The format is Text. When I try to import to this field, it will also not import.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.