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    Unanswered: how to write my connection string for connecting to remote oracle server?


    I have used Oracle.DataAccess.dll in my project and want to connect to remote server from my PC which is localhost.I have installed oracle client and connect to XE database with HR user with this connection string via my pc:

    string conStr = "Data Source=XE;user ID=hr;password=hr";
    OracleConnection con=new OracleConnection();
    con.ConnectionString = conStr;

    and it works.But I need to connect to remote server as i said.How should I write my connection string?
    AsI am from MS SQL Server world, if this was the case I would write it as such:

    string conStr = "Server=;data source=myDB;user id=hhh;password=ps234;";
    SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(conStr);

    How should i write it in ORACLE with oracle.DataAccess.dll???

    thanks in advance.

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    read documentation:
    Here is about connection strings:
    Connecting to Oracle Database

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