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    Unanswered: Design: SQL2012 & Binary Files

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and Databases in general. I have a security project that I am working on, and is going to generate a lot of data, so i thought a database would be the best way to aggregate and analyze all of the information.

    I am not a DBA by any standard, so this is all an idea at this point, but i have 20k to spend on this project, so if i need different software to do this, that is fine, I just need to know what to go buy.

    Some Background:
    I am running some shell scripts on 10k Unix host at work to identify the use of Remsh, telnet, FTP, so we can start converting everything to secure protocols, SSH, SFTP, SCP.

    I have some results being output to a log file, see screenshot below.
    Additionally, i have the acutal file that contained the command/protcol being copied w/ directory structure.

    I was thinking i could add all of this into a SQL 2012 database include the files themselves. I know 2008 had some BLOB add-in for it, so i would assume that 2012 has expanded that feature.

    Once i have all my files in the database tables, would SQL be able to run a checksum on them and put them into the record?

    Here is a sample of the output....Please ignore the contents and focus on the structure...we are not scanning /usr/lib/ etc. in production, this is just a lab system so i can have some results to work with.


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    Yep, your project sounds like a poster child for FileTables (SQL Server)

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