This is the dumbest problem that is driving me insane. I'm fairly new to CR, but have picked up plenty of usage information/techniques from things people have posted online. In my system, I have people that have orders, and those people reside at various facilities. I have created a Dynamic, multi-value, Parameter field that is based on the Facility ID in my orders table. I want my users to be able to select one or more facility IDs and display the order information for the people in the facilities they selected. It selects the records correctly, but puts the first Facility ID in the list for all records. I have searched and searched about this and all I can find is people that use the JOIN formula to list what the people selected in a field separated by a delimeter. All I want is for the records for people in Facility A to show Facility A next to them, the records for people in Facility B show Facility B next to them, etc. This seems ridiculous that this is such a complicated thing for a fairly robust reporting software to do. It seems so basic an trivial. Any help on how to make this work properly would be much appreciated.