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    Unanswered: Database Report

    I have created a database to record all my clients / customers contract details.
    we are invoicing our customers after every quarter from the starting date of contract till the end of contract.
    Like Start Date : 01-01-2012
    End Date : 31-12-2012
    Payment : Quarterly
    1st Quarter = 31-03-2012
    2nd Quarter = 30-06-2012
    3rd Quarter = 30-09-2012
    4th Quarter = 31-12-2012

    i want to create a report every month which shows the due payment of each client for the particular month.
    Hope some one can understand what i am trying to do
    thanks in advance

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    If the invoices are issued every quarter (period of 3 months), why do you need a report for every month? The data would be the same for each month in a quarter.

    Apart from that, what do you have so far, and what problem(s) do you encounter?
    Have a nice day!

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    It is customary to ask a question or describe a problem, but you've really done neither, here!

    In addition to this, you started an identical thread, here, yesterday:

    This is double-posting and is considered to be inappropriate behavior in any type of on-line forum! Please refrain from this practice in the future.

    I suspect that the reason that 156 members viewed your post yesterday, without a single response being posted, and 75 members viewed your post today, with only Sinndho and myself responding, is the aforementioned fact that you haven't asked a question/described a problem!

    If you want our help you need to answer Sinndho's questions.

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    Hope this helps!

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