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    whats Difference between SQL and Oracle?

    Hello friends,

    I want to learn Database, some of my friends are suggesting SQL and Oracle, would like to know which is the best one?


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    Your question doesn't make sense.

    SQL is not a product that you can "compare" to Oracle.

    SQL is a query language which is used by all relational databases including Oracle.

    If you really want to learn databases, you might want to start understanding what SQL is.
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    I suspect sathiyavathi wants to know the differences between Oracle and SQL server
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    They are two very different platforms, despite the fact that they achieve the same goal.

    For an Oracle DBA, the "A" strongly stands for "Administrator", since Oracle requires a great deal of esoteric knowledge to properly tune the system and keep it running.

    For a SQL Server DBA, the "A" strongly stands for "Architect", since SQL Server is simpler to administer and a larger portion of a DBA's time is spent doing consulting for application developers on the best was to design a database schema, write sql queries, etc.
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