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    Unanswered: possible monitor event?

    SAP BW
    DB2 9.5.7
    AIX 6.1

    Below is part of an application snapshot:

    Application handle = 266
    Application status = UOW Executing
    Status change time = Not Collected
    Application code page = 1208
    Application country/region code = 1
    DUOW correlation token =
    Application name = disp+work
    Application ID =
    Sequence number = 03231
    TP Monitor client user ID = BWREMOTE
    TP Monitor client workstation name = abcdefg
    TP Monitor client application name = ptype DIA
    TP Monitor client accounting string = CL_RSDD_STATOLAP==============CP

    On occasion, a scheduled task/job holds a transaction log open, preventing it from being archived. As activity continues on the system, seconday logs get used and, if unnoticed, the logs become full. Forcing the offending application handle alleviates the problem and all becomes swell again.

    I have not yet found anything helpful in the application log, so is there some monitor event via DB2 that would shed some more insight to what is happening?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I would think to look at the scheduled job and figure out why it holds the transaction so long and fix it.


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