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    Unanswered: Sysback To File

    Can anyone guide me on how to do a Sysback To File?

    We are running and Running and IBM AIX Unix server running and Informix database and we are wanting to try to do a sysback to file.

    I don't know if there are any tools available to do this or if any of you have a general idea on how to go about it, but all thoughts/ideas are welcome.


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    not sure about what you call a Sysback. Are you referring to System backup, Informix instance backup or anything else ?

    If Informix instance backup, both ontape and onbar can write to a file. For ontape, the device on declare in the TAPEDEV onconfig parameter only has to be already existing, have 660 permissions and belong to informix:informix
    Same principle for onbar.

    Is this the answer to your question or am I totally out of it ?

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