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    Unanswered: Typical Load Operation

    Hi All,
    I have task assigned on Production DB. So I need your help before proceeeding.

    We have two tables TAB1, TAB2
    I have to perform LOAD operation on TAB1 which has almost 20 dependent tables.
    We have insert triggers created on TAB1, so that when ever I insert a row on TAB1, these insert triggers will fire and the same row will be inserted in TAB2.

    Now I have a task assigned to perform LOAD on TAB1, since during LOAD, no triggers will be fired, I doubt whether the insert triggers will fire or not?? If they fire, at what phase of load do they fire? If not, what is the solution to populate the same data on TAB2?

    Guys, please help me in solving my problem.


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    Always post your DB2-server version + fixpack and Operating-system name and version when asking for help.

    Triggers will not get invoked during LOAD.

    Whatever processing they perform needs to be done via an alternate method (for example, by pre-processing the input data before load, or by post-processing the data after the load if that is feasible, or by loading into a staging table, performing the transformations there, and finally loading from the staging table into a target table...)

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    If you use IMPORT command instead of LOAD, the triggers will fire. Since IMPORT generates logging, I would recommend using COMMITCOUNT of no more than 10000.
    M. A. Feldman
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