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    Unanswered: How to create database

    Hi All,

    I generate a database script for one of my database using the TOAD. Now i want to create a New database in the new server using the same script which was i generated using the TOAD. How can i create database using that script? Could anyone tell me what are the steps to follows. Does i need to create pfile on the new server and then startup the database in the nomount state and finally need to be run the script? Please let me know the steps....

    Thanks in Advance
    Dileep Kumar N

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    >I generate a database script for one of my database using the TOAD.
    Specific answer depends upon what exactly is contained in the database script.
    How/why are you sure & confident that this script is error free?

    some, many, most folks use dbca to create new DB.
    why do you not use dbca?
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