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    Unanswered: DB2 : Restore vendor API sqluvint doesn't give proper restore type.

    I am implementing DB2 3rd party vendor APIs,

    And giving tablespace resotre command as follows to invoke API:

    db2 restore db temp1 TABLESPACE(A1TS1RS,A1TS2RS,A1TS3RS) load
    /usr/local/ taken at 20120703142640

    In sqluvint call for

    i am not receiving proper restore type, The type it always gives 0 (0 -full restore)
    whereas in header for restore type it mention as:

    SQLUV_READ: 0 -full restore
    3 - online tablespace restore
    4 - table spacerestore
    5 - history file restore

    I tried with online tablespace restore command also
    db2 restore db temp1 TABLESPACE(A1TS1RS,A1TS2RS,A1TS3RS) online load /usr/local/ taken at 20120703142640

    I am always getting type as 0 (0 -full restore)

    Am i doing something wrong ?? Is it'a DB2 limitation??

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    Hard to tell without seeing your code for sqluvint...from the function start up to where you check the type field...

    Since this API is used by several non-IBM vendors, you might want to carefully check your code against the vendor.C in BARvendor directory.

    Which DB2-server version and fixpack are you using, on which operating system?

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