Im developing a database for a college system that will record student information and assign them to a class.

I don't have much experience with Access, I know my way around (creating tables, queries, reports, forms, some VBA).

Where I could really use some help is how to link the tables together.

I know how to set relationships and how to reference other tables in the control source and stuff, as long as I'm told what to link together.

Right, so here's what i want the database to do.

  • Record Student Information, such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Emergency Contact, General Enquiry Contact, What School They came from, there transport method
  • Assign the student to a trail (read below) or a full time course
  • Be able to "follow a student through the system(i.e. When they do the trial, know if they completed the assessment or not (if they fail, they don't get a course), be able to view what students have been rejected, accepted, on the waiting list (class full) or have a conditional offer . Then once they have been assigned a full time course, have a system where each student can choose there class options

what would be the recommended table list for this project?
I have my student information table that records all information.

Additional notes:
The database is for students with additional support needs
The school the student is currently attending will send the list of students to the college that is interested in attending.
The trial, known as a Taster
Is when the student can attend the college for 2 days (on the same day over the course of 2 weeks) to do a day of different classes to determine if they would be interested in attending the college full time and for the college to determine what course is best for that student.

The trial can take place 3-4 times a year, There is different types of tasters for students depending on their abilites.
they are;
Independent - this class takes place on a Wednesday and a Thursday (some students will go in for 2 Wednesdays and others will go in for 2 Thursdays, this happens on both days due to the high numbers)
Supported - Occurs on a Monday
Partnership - Happens on a Tuesday

For a table layout, i tried something along the lines of:
Student Details
Tasters (trial)
Place Offer

but i can't figure out how to link them together effeciantly.

Note: Students only get a Student ID AFTER they have been enrolled on a full time course.

Sorry for the lengthy post, I tried to be as detailed as possible but if you need more info just ask

Any help i can get will be appreciated as i really am lost in this!