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    Using DB2 AESE v10.1 on Windows.

    Getting error:
    DBI1918N An error occurred when accessing the Windows registry

    when performing (with a Domain Admin account = instance-owner-account, on the instance-owning partition) the command below:

    db2start add dbpartitionnum 2 hostname xxxx
    user domainname\myaccount
    password mypassword
    like dbpartitionnum 1

    I'm using the 'db2start add dbpartitionnum' method because the existing partitioned environment (2 physical nodes) has a single database, and I'm trying to add the third partition. Not sure if I'm doing the right thing.

    The domain-admin account ( = instance owner account) is able to read/write the remote registry on the new physical-partition from the instance-owning partition, , according to regedit 'connect remote registry'.
    All partitions are running the remote registry service.

    The db2diag.log of the instance-owning node where db2start runs has the following entries:

    Online Add node is enabled: <isForced=0 isSingleNodeUp=0 offlineAddnodeDone=0>

    MESSAGE : ZRC=0x870F009A=-2029059942=SQLO_CFG_DBI_ERROR "DBI errors" DATA #1 : unsigned integer, 4 bytes: 4294965378 (error)
    DBI1918N An error occurred when accessing the Windows registry.

    Can't see which part of the registry has an ACL that's causing the problem.

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    if "Not sure if I'm doing the right thing." --> do not execute any commands

    try to read some doc before executing anything and doing it wrong
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