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    Unanswered: Labels Not Showing Up When Form Opens

    My form opens and my labels do not show up, only after going back a record or to the first record does my label. show. I have this code loaded on the current.on load and on activate and still the labels do not appear.

    Any suggestions ? I tried a Me.Refresh after the code and that didn't work.

    If Status = 2 Then
    Label18.Visible = True
    Label18.Visible = False
    End If

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    There is no "current.on load" event! There is a Form_Current event, and a Form_Load event (aka OnLoad); from your description of the problem, my guess is that you mean the latter, and like the Form_Activate event, is incorrect for this type of code!

    Your Code should be in the AfterUpdate event of the Control that Status is entered in or selected from, depending on the type of Control it is, and also in the Form_Current event, which will assure that the formatting is Record-appropriate.

    And hopefully this is a Single View Form, as this kind of formatting will not work in a Continuous View Form.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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