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    I have no experience with databases and would appreciate any guidance you can offer.

    My database would be populated via a website and the back end would link to a logistics companies IT system so they can capture the key database information to assist their drivers.

    The drivers can capture the information when he needs it on his handheld device via an internet connection or the information can be captured by the transport office at time of planning the drivers delivery route. This information can then be accessed by the driver where he wouldn't need access to a network as he would have the information locally on his handheld.


    1. Does this sound a fairly straightforward (typical) solution to set up?
    2. Bar the internet connection requirement is one of the two options above easier to set up than the other?
    3. What is the system called that this requires?

    Thank you for your time and any information or pointing me in the right direction would be really appreciated.

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    What sort of information is going to be captured? How is that information going to be used? What is the business purpose for this application, what will this application do to make the business willing to support the project?

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    Thank you for your questions.
    The information is commercially sensitive so forgive me if I am a bit vague.

    1. The information captured will be 99% contact info so usual name and address etc
    2. Only one piece of the info (the answer to a specific question, the other 1%) is needed by the driver, so say a max of 50 characters
    3. It will deliver efficiencies to the logistics industry

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    if you are unable to adequately describe your problems here then its highly unlikely that you will get effective answers. you need to find a way of abstracting the problem and ort obfuscating its origins. but if your abstraction is too obtuse it wont mnake sense and will make it harder for others to help.

    if it proved impossible for you to effectively obfuscate the problem then you would probably be better off employing someone directly and use contract law to keep thigns controlled
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    thanks healdem.

    appreciate the responses above, i need to find another route.

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    Does this help : I am interesting in understanding how something typed in to a website might integrate with the IT system of a transport company.

    The website is basically a database which collects name and address information and there is a question that asks for delivery point information - let's call it the 'Special Instruction' field.
    In the Special Instruction field users will type something like "gravel driveway for 30 feet" or "code for access is 2345" etc..

    The key bits of data on the database are the address and the Special Instruction.

    1. I assume its fairly straightforward for these two bits of data on the database to integrate with a transports companies IT system so they capture the information? Is there a term for this kind of integration?

    There are two options,

    (1) the transport planner will download the data when planning the delivery route so the driver either has a hard copy or most likely he can access the info somewhere on his handheld device

    (2) the driver requests the Special Instruction info based on that address direct from the website as and when he needs to during his run - via some kind of app.

    The former is probably the easier but the latter is the preferred option so I would be interested and appreciative of any comments here.

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    Possibly i'm way off, but i believe you could "can" some queries on your system and allow your customers access to them. The result would be the needed data would found by the query and used by the customer. I'm not sure how much (if any) integration with the customer system would be needed.

    If there is some reason for "integration" the ease of doing this will depend on how many "hoops" have to be jumped through to accomplish a "connection".

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