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    Unanswered: Need Help with Nested Data / Form

    hi guys need help with nested data
    thanks before and sorry if my english bad

    i have 4 form
    form 1 = Date In
    form 2 = From
    form 3 = Item List
    form 4 = Serial Number

    this is my relationship pic
    this is what i want to make

    the problem is:
    1. when fill same supplier but different date = can't
    2. when fill same item but different date & supplier = can't too

    what i want is for example on date 5/8/12 supplier alex sent keyboard and mouse, and 6/8/12 alex sent again keyboard and mouse
    how to solve that
    thank you
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    I think your design is to cock
    you need to read, learn and understand the principles of database design and or normalisation
    Fundamentals of Relational Database Design --
    The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design
    are though of as good basic discussions, although no doubtr your course could / should provide other references

    ferinstance on your current data model
    you define an item list, which is fair enough with a serial number against item list.

    it would make moire sense logically and in English to have something similar to:-

    suppliers (a table that defines suppliers, organisations or people who supply items)
    products (a table that defines products)
    orders when your organisation places an order with suppliers
    you could replace orders with say deliveries, which defines what products (qty and type) have been delivered on a specific day
    deliverydetails which identified the specific serial number of each product that was supplied as part of a delivery

    if youy do have to complete this assignement in Access I'd suggest you refine your table and column names so that they make clear sense in your own language (English, French whatever) and that they are as descriptive as they need to be without being longwinded.
    there are lists that identify what are acceptable or unacceptable words, characters on names.. do a google for 'Access reserved words'. try to avoid symbols such as @, and avoid using spaces between words. Access does allow you to define a description which can be used on reports or forms.

    ferinstance Avoid something like 'Item Brand', use with capitalisation (CamelCase) eg 'ItemBrand' or use underscore eg 'item_brand'
    avoid repeating the table name in the column name
    so Brand would be better than ItemBrand
    don't store derived data
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    thank for your reply
    can you give me more link or tutorial for understanding access basic because im still very new and no basic at all, just started to try make access 5 day
    also can you give me link or attach access file too, so that i can learn more easy

    thank you so much
    sorry for my bad english

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