I have a form with two subforms on it. I need to be able to click a record number ([RecNo]) in one subform and have it requery/update the 2nd subform to show the fields related to that record number. I need to then be able to update those fields in the 2nd subform (both subforms share that same unique [RecNo] field)

I basically want two windows on my form
-one with a nice clean list of all the records.
-2nd window with the messy details of the reocrd I click, so we can see and edit the details.

I am somewhat capable in access, but not in the VBA side (obviously I guess...) I have already ordered 4 books on amazon after a long night of trying to figure it out... however I need this in place soon so I can't wait to catch up on my "VBA for Dummies".

Your help is sincerly appreciated.