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    Question Unanswered: Secure problem when install informix

    Hi everyone!

    I have encountered a user and path secure problem when install two informix database softwares in one machine which power by HP-UX. The version of informix which I installed is 11.50FC4.

    The installation of the first informix database is fine at all. It's user account is informix(UID 110) and the group is informix(GID 110). The first database's directory is "/opt/informix". When I began to install another database, I created a new user for the second one. So I issued the follow:

    # useradd -u 120 -g 110 -m -d /opt/infor1 -s /usr/bin/csh infor1

    After that I modified the user profile to set some env values , and then switched to the user infor1 to begin the installation of the second informix.

    When I processed the installation,it prombted:

    "The installation directory is not secure. Dynamic Server will not run unless it
    is installed in a secure directory.

    /opt/infor1 (path is not trusted)
    Name: /opt/infor1
    Problem: owner infor1 (uid 120) is not trusted"

    And here I selected the first option "Let the installation program secure the path (recommended)"

    But what the installation program did was not I wish.

    When the installation finished, I found that the files which in the directory "/opt/infor1" are owned by the user informix rather than infor1. So I can't use infor1 user to startup the second informix database.

    So I install the database again , and choose the second option "Continue installation; manually run scripts to secure the path later", but the result was the same as the first time. Files in directory "/opt/infor1" are owned by informix. I have no idea what happen about that.

    Sorry for my poor english , I hope you can understand what I said, and I apprecate all your help!

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    Why you must have a different user for the two instances? Or even if you are installing two different versions of IDS on the same machine, which I don't think that's de case, why informix(UID110) and infor1(uid 120)?


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