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    Unanswered: Topics for Paper presentation

    Hi All,

    I am looking for some of the topics/ideas which i can use for the paper presentation, which is going to be held in one of the event. The topic/idea which i chose should be useful in Data warehousing environment.

    Can you guys suggest some new topics/ideas??

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    here's a topic useful in not only in data warehousing environment but in business generally --
    "Why spelling is important"

    i'm sure some of the other gays on this forum will agree | @rudydotca
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    i'm sure some of the other gays on this forum will agree
    Well, sure . . .

    Can you gays suggest some new topics/ideas??
    Not counting spelling, your question is far too vague. There are only a few thousand books and papers about data warehousing. What would you consider "new"?

    which is going to be held in one of the event
    What kind of event? If we knew what your target audience is, someone might have a suggestion.

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    I like r937's suggestion, and it certainly is appropriate.

    Another great topic for you might be: "Plagerism today: Pros and cons", but depending on how much we contribute you might have to list us as co-authors.

    I could also recommend "The creative process, and how it applies to the Data Warehouse". Be careful to avoid applying the creative process to any of the financial reporting aspects of Data Warehousing... That is a recipe for trouble!

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