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    Unanswered: accented characters in two columns behave differently

    I have a table cfr_person defined with many columns but two of interest (both using the default latin1_swedish_ci encoding):

    NAME_LAST varchar(180)
    NAME_FIRST varchar(80)

    Insert or update a record with accented characters like this:

    update cfr_person set NAME_LAST='Dummée',NAME_FIRST='Salé'

    (in case they get mangled in this thread, the fifth character in last name and fourth character in first name are e-acute, \xe9)

    When I select the line back through mysql connector, the last name works fine but the e-acute in the first name is turned into \xfffd. When I use a phpMyAdmin interface, the correct data shows up.

    Does anyone know what would cause a character to be substituted on one column and not on another, and how I can stop the substitution?

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    What happens if you reverse the fields in the UPDATE statement?

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    no change

    Changing the order of the update makes no difference. Note that the correct content is in the database, since using a different interface to get the data (e.g. phpMyAdmin interface) returns the correct results to a select.

    The problem must lie somewhere in the connection via mysql connector.

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