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    Unanswered: Combobox Changes after a period of time

    Ok, I keep getting thrown these hard balls on my application by my boss. He loves it; however, he just asked me if I could do the following:

    I have a combobox with 10 different choices. When we enter a new record into the form, we will pick Received notifying all of the users that we received new data to work on in our workflow; however, after 24 hours, I will need to have the combobox change to Prepped automatically if an user does not manual change it. I am trying to find the right code so I am not sure how I could do that. Any help would be great! Thank you.

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    you could run a query that updates the status, say when the form first loads, or when the app first loads

    ..assuming that you are storing the value somewhere
    and that you know (ie storing somewhere) when an item was received

    update mytable set Status = "Prepped" 
    where Status = "Received" and datediff("d",mydatecolumn,date()) >=1
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