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    Unanswered: Access 2003 db to SQL Server 2008 db

    We have a team that uses Access 2003 database. They have Front end application and backend application. They want my team to host their backend in our SQL Server 2008 Database. They are expanding and also want to take advanced features of SQL Server for data retrieval, analysis. Access 2003 team will use upsizing wizard in Access 2003 to migrate their tables, databases to our SQL Server database. SQL server resides in a different server, that we host and Access 2003 is in a separate environment.

    Let's say access 2003 team has an application written in VB code to develop access front end, where a user typically logs in to get into their system. can we provide some sort of method for them so that they could connect to their db in our SQL server and enter data there?

    Just want to know if there's a way to let them connect to our SQL server, from their Front end system like using odbc, adodb, connection string? Then both the teams can continue on checking if they could establish a connection to our SQL backend from their front end application. Thanks.

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    If u setup the front end right they will only connect to there tables (database) I done this with odbc and msaccess2003 point to a differance database on the same SQL server one of my server SQL one has 10 database in it and only the right frount connect to the right database
    hope this help

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