Hi DBforum users!

Ive very new to SQL and i have a question, well its more im in need of advice....

I a making a small website which is more like a tool for and online text based game. i wont bother going into detail as it is not needed. But here is what im llooking to do.

Basicly i want users of my site to be able to copy and paste the page they are on in game and then paste that text into an input form on my website. The page on the game will always be layed out the same and the "bit" of data i need will always be on the same line/lines of the text that the user is inputting. I would then like my data base to pick up the numbers on say (for examble) line 3 and line 4 and then do a calculation with those to figures and then produce the answer for the user on the next page.

So thats it. im not nesseserly looking for a quick or short answer here or a "just do this" answer. Im more stuck to what this process would even be called and/or where to find information about this kinda of thing, hence why i am here asking you lot.

Also for my website i use software called sitelok (which im sure most of you know about) and i was wondering if there was anything similar to this for the features i am talking about in this post. Like a pre made software i can buy and customize myself?

Any help would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance