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    Unanswered: Sql optimization issue (Event Monitor output)

    We are trying to optimize cognos reports on out DB and were using event monitors to capture the the sql's being run against the DB and there execution time.

    We say a strange behaviour in all the reports. We are getting this one event that is causing the issue

    Record is the result of a flush: FALSE
    Type : Dynamic
    Operation: Close
    Section : 4
    Creator : NULLID
    Package : SYSSH100
    Consistency Token : SYSLVL01
    Package Version ID :
    Cursor : SQL_CURSH100C4
    Cursor was blocking: TRUE

    The close operation execution time is around 10 Sec whereas the prepare operation takes around 2 sec and the execution takes around 0.01 sec.

    Why is the close operation taking so long and is there a way we can reduce it

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    I think in event monitor the close operation execution time includes the time you spent to fetch the result set 。
    So maybe you have got a relative larger resultset in the sql。

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