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    Unanswered: fixpack upgrade - how often?

    How often to do upgrade DB2 (fixpack)?

    Our policy is to be 6-month current and we have 3 patch cycles per year. If a new fixpack comes out every 5 month or so, then we could be upgrading twice a year (I convinced them not to upgrade until the fixpack is at least 1 month old... who knows it might get pulled due to some HIPER and replaced with a new one). The upgrade itself doesn't take long, but planning/coordinating/testing does and by the time we're done with the upgrade it's time to plan for another one and so on...

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    Depends on where you are in the version release cycle. If you are at Fixpack 0, 1, or 2 you need to upgrade more often than if at Fixpack 10. Also depends somewhat if your developers or DBA's are using relatively new features.
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