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    How can I use AVG() for small groups?

    How do you use AVG in sql to manage grouped output? For example:
    Given a SQL Table “Employee”

    Name Salary City

    John Doe 15000 Seattle
    Jane Doe 30000 Redmond
    Tim Wayne 25000 Seattle

    Write a SQL query that would return the average salary per city in the format shown below:

    City Salary

    Seattle 20000
    Redmond 30000

    Select City, AVG(Salary) from Employee where ... I don't know the rest

    Where city == city or something like that?

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    I don't think you need a where clause. I would use the group by clause.

    group by city.

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    do you mean something like this

    select city
    ,avg(salary) as avgsalary
    from employee
    group by city

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    Quote Originally Posted by xarzu View Post
    do you mean something like this
    what happened when you tested that? | @rudydotca
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