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    Unanswered: Floats showing in Scientific mode

    I am currently running PSQL 9.5 and when I view fields through PCC that contain large currency amounts which have been designated as floats, they show up in scientific mode.

    Is there anyway that I can configure PSQL/PCC to show the actual amount?


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    For display purposes, you can use CONVERT or CAST to change the results. I used the following statements:
    create table flt1 (f1 float);
    insert into flt1 values (10000000);
    select f1, convert(f1, sql_Char), cast(f1 as char(100)) from flt1;
    and got the following results:
         f1   EXPR_1                     EXPR_2     
    =======   ========================   ===========
      1.0E7   10000000                   10000000
    I used PSQL v11 but the statements should work in v9.
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