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    Unanswered: subform data disappear after save

    I have an access 2003 database where the main job is to store equipment info and all repairs to each.
    Basically its like this, i have a table/form for computers, printers, telephones, and servers; i have a single table to store repairs for all 4 types and 4 subforms that go with each corresponding form.
    My goal is when you cycle through the records in the forms, the repair data for each will show in the subform. Both current and new repair data works just fine. This works with three of the forms but one (computers) does not cooperate.

    First current repair information does not show at all for any record, second when adding new repair info in the subform the data will go into the table but when you advance one record and return the subform data is gone. basically the subform will only show 'new record entry' only, not current data.
    I have compared every property setting with working forms/subforms and all data is the same/correct.
    Im stuck on something im sure is very simple, but it escapes me.

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    Seems like every time I post on here I figure out my mistake, maybe I should wait just one more day before posting.

    But, the solution to my issue was one of the linked fields were not in my original query, once that was removed everything returned to normal.

    From best I can tell, only linked fields should be in your search query, if you wish to autofill other fields then just use the expression builder

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