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    Unanswered: VBA / ADO calling storeprocedure, no result

    Edit: Added stored procedure code snippet in the bottom. Might help you help me :-)

    Having a curiosity here that I have a hard time trying to debug.

    From Excel I'm calling a stored procedure via ADO, and despite using the exact same values that I'm calling the SP with from Query Analyzer, I don't get any result.

    Obviously, I'm doing something wrong in Excel, but can't figure out what.

    Ideas and suggestions welcome. I've tried copy pasting the essential code without tons of comment lines, so bear with me if somethings misssing (shouldnt be the case).

    Thanks, Trin

        maanedparam.Type = adSmallInt
        aarparam.Type = adChar
        aarparam.Size = 4
        stationparam.Type = adChar
        stationparam.Size = 20
        kommando.ActiveConnection = noegleDNS
        kommando.CommandTimeout = 0
        kommando.CommandText = "EXCEL_noegletal_beskutogubeskyt"
        kommando.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
       For Each ark In Application.Worksheets
            arknavn = Replace((ActiveSheet.Cells(60, 3).Value), "'", "")
                forrigeaar = (ActiveSheet.Cells(3, 8).Value) - 1 ' kolonnerne til venstre er forrige år
                aar = ActiveSheet.Cells(3, 8).Value
                maaned = maanedteller
                kommando.Parameters.Append maanedparam
                kommando.Parameters.Append aarparam
                kommando.Parameters.Append stationparam
                maanedparam.Value = maaned
                aarparam.Value = forrigeaar
                stationparam.Value = arknavn
                Set talRS = kommando.Execute
                ActiveSheet.Cells((4 + maanedteller), 2).Value = talRS!beskyt
                ActiveSheet.Cells((4 + maanedteller), 3).Value = talRS!ubeskyt
                Set talRS = Nothing
                kommando.Parameters.Delete (2)
                kommando.Parameters.Delete (1)
                kommando.Parameters.Delete (0)
         Next ark
    @maaned as varchar(20),
    @aar as varchar(4),
    @skode as varchar(20)
    SELECT Sum(spig.[Afspillet beskyttede minutter]) as 'beskyt', Sum(spig.[Afspillet ubeskyttede minutter]) as 'ubeskyt'
    FROM Gramex_DW.dbo.[Spilletidspost Individuel Gramex] as spig
    WHERE datepart(mm, spig.Udsendelsesdato) = @maaned and datepart(yy, spig.Udsendelsesdato) = @aar and 
    spig.Stationskode like @skode
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    3 changes for it to work

    Well, seems like I solved it.

    I did three changes

    1) Changed the maaned ADO parameter to Adusignedtinyint
    2) Changed the parameter in the Stored Proc to a tiny int
    3) Changed the like operator to = (equal to) in the where clause of the Stored Proc

    Whether or not the result is completely accurate, is yet to be determined. But it seems to work.

    Cheers, Trin
    IT squid: networks, servers, firewalls, routers and I dabble a little with SQL-server and Access as well....

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