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    Unanswered: Database design for a sell/rent eCommerce

    i am working on my sqchool project to create an eCommerce website that sell and rent some product, my main problem is that a can't find the best design for the "Renting" part.

    for now i am hesitating between 2 design:

    here is a part of my first database View image: test2

    here is a part of my 2nd database View image: Untitled

    as u can see there is the same table in both designs but with different relations, but i can't see which one is better. i will be happy if can tell me which design is better or if there is a better way to design my database.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd be happy if you'd do your own homework, and make certain you understand what your school project comprises, what is included, what is excluded. that you understand the process by which you came to your design, rather than nicking someone else's design and either passing it off as yours or filleting it without understanding.

    but each to their own.

    If you have got a design and got a specific problem then I'd be happy to help if |I have the time or inclination. I'm happy to help but I won't do
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    ?? i never said that u will do my home work i did design 2 database but now i can't see which better. and that is my question can u plz read the hole post before writing the answer

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