I'm working on creating a report in MSA 2010 that shows all Employees who have had over 3 warnings of a particular type in one day within the last week.

So far I have created a query and based the report on this query. It only really selects the last 7 days and lists a certain type of employee at the moment.

Here is the Query SQL:

SELECT dbo_Warnings.IssuedAt, dbo_Warnings.IssuedFor, dbo_Employees.FirstName, dbo_Employees.LastName, dbo_Employees.KnownAs, dbo_Warnings.WarningType

FROM dbo_Employees INNER JOIN dbo_Warnings ON dbo_Employees.[EmployeeId] = dbo_Warnings.[IssuedFor]

WHERE (((dbo_Warnings.IssuedAt)>Date()-7) AND ((dbo_Warnings.IsPackerWarning)=True))

ORDER BY dbo_Warnings.IssuedAt DESC , dbo_Warnings.IssuedFor, dbo_Warnings.WarningType;

dbo_Warnings.WarningType lists the type of warning a employee can get. Lets say there could be hundreds of different fields as it doesn't matter how many they are, what I need to happen is only show the employee in the report if they have 3 or more of the same kind.

Could I have some advice on which route to take?

I played about with COUNT but could not get a successful formula that would give me the results I am looking for.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks