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    Unanswered: Dead In The Water!!!! and drowning QUICKLY

    Here is my question and I hope someone can help me and hopefuly this question make some kind of sense? I want to be able to allow as many people as possible (Assigned To) to enter data on the form but if they all enter data at the same time i want there data to be the current record for them and not everyone else. I guess what I am saying is if all employess are on the form at the same time and they hit a command button called Preview Report then they should see only there report and not the other employees report.

    Secondly, I want to be able to take that information form the Preview Report to populate the TO: section of an email. Once the firm was picked (Customer Name) by the employee (Assigned To) whatever firm that was selected there email addres should populate with there correct email address (Firms Information Query) in the TO:section.

    Again and I cant stress this anymore I am a NEWBIE to Access and this stuff may seem easy for some people however its proving to be a tad bit difficult for me at this time. I will attache a copy of my database and any assistance that you can provide will be very helpful. Thanking You in Advance....
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    There, there, it can't be that bad. One can't be dead AND drowning. Only one death allowed per.

    Are you having problems, or are you anticipating them? Error messages? Etc.


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    Split the database so the data is in one database and the front end gui is in another. Link the tables in the front end to the database with the data. Give each user a copy of the front end and they should play well together. If two users edit the same record the latest change will persist and it will be reflected in the form of the first user (when they click in that field or move to that record).

    Then you just pull the info for the report off the form and everything will work as expected.


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