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    Unanswered: DB2 Performance


    DB2 9.7 /Win 2008 R2

    Only one 600GB database in the system.
    currently there are around 2500 concurrent session at a time.
    All users are web based (just read only) using the same query (static).
    (just viewing customer name, address, dob,and the photo graph (blob)).

    The question is, our customer is looking to double the users to 5000.
    can you please advise, what are the DATABASE / Instance CFG need to be consider tunning ?

    Currently the STMM is OFF.


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    That depends on what is your current bottleneck. I find MONREPORT.DBSUMMARY() to be a good starting point in determining that.
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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    As well as the DB2 configurables e.g STMM, maintenance ON|OFF, INSTANCE MEMORY, also do a review of the Server Physical Memory - usage .
    Are you currently seeing any bottlenecks? If not , can you recreate on a Test system and monitor for bottlenecks?

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    No bottlenecks

    4 CPU's and 6GB RAM in total on the server.
    CPU usage is very very minumal. During the RUNSTAT it use 70% usage (onfor for 30 min) otherwise it use below 10%.
    Memory usage is around 3GB. I have never seen it used over 3GB RAM.

    instance & database memory set to Automatic.

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    Given that 50% of the memory is currently used for 2500 concurrent sessions, I would want to increase the physical memory by 50% to accommodate 5000 concurrent sessions. As CPU usage is predominantly 10% no change may be required here. Coming to the database, you may have to resize (increase) the existing buffer pools based on the hit ratio.

    During peak usage with 5000 concurrent users, you could also consider enabling STMM to autoconfigure related DB parameters and switch it off thereafter.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thank you so much for your input, really help full.
    Thanks (Nanri) Gnanaraj

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