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    Unanswered: Need help to access US PTO external database

    I am trying to access the US Patent and Trademark office database. I am extremely new at this database stuff, But I am a novice programmer. I know HTML and Java.
    The XML files can be downloaded here.
    USPTO Patent Grant Full Text

    However I do not know how to open it in either base or calc. I do not need the full text/images of the patents, just the owners of each patent, when they were owners, the type of patent(design, or utility), and maybe some other author data.

    The USPTO website has some information on a document type edfenition (DTD). However Even when I downloaded this file I was unable to get anywhere.

    This page has sample documents and DTD's, but you need to go to google for the XML file.
    XML Resources

    There is a .XSL style sheet burried in those files along with various .dtd files. I have learned that .XSL files are used to turn .xml files into other .xml files. (also confusing)
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    See if this will help:
    XML Files - Introduction to DTD

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