I'm not a DBA by trade.
I have a light knowledge of bits and pieces of SQL
Fairly Proficient with Excel (but have had limited use with ODBC/DB Plugins
Intermediate Knowledge with Visio.
Right now, I have about 22 devices (column A), and about 40 attributes for each that I have identified as "important".
This is my first post, go easy on me, I genuinely have an appreciation for the knowledge base here, and I would like to continue learning, because of the expanding role that this type of data plays in today's technology.

We have a fairly robust amount of technology in our home.
I have documented in an excel spreadsheet (some would call it a "network inventory") all of these devices, along with all of their interfaces and specs. For instance
iPhone, Laptops, Routers, IR Emitters, and their properties (null where applicable)
Here's a partial example of the header
Friendly Name Model UUID Manufacturer Product Family Device Type Device Type 2 Aquired OS OS Family OS Version Parent Parent Interface Preferred Comm_Int Comm Int 2 Primary MAC

What I would like to do is two things:
1. Setup a database that I can easily update when I have new devices
2. I want to be able to easily visualize (for non technical people) the relationship between all of these devices, in a graphica/visually appealingl manner, based on the data I insert into the DB.
For example:
All devices are identified with a few unique identifiers (a manual simple ID number, LAN IP, MAC, etc)
within the LAN, a device (lets say an iPad), uses one of its multiple interfaces (lets use Wireless N 2.4ghz) to send audio/music (over WLAN) stored on a server (PC using the Airplay protocol (connected via a wired gigabit ethernet port) within the home network.

Secondary: This is one of the many ways in which sending audio to a PC from an iPad could be accomplished. What I would like to do is identify the compatible relationships, so that I could link this information into some sort of GUI in which I could demonstrate the "possibilities" for a particular task or just to visually represent how I'm currently accomplishing it.
Friends come over for dinner, and in conversation, ask how I made our iPad stream our home movies from our Server. While it all makes sense in my head, I want a way that I could easily show them in a way that they understand, or show them maybe a simpler way that might be applicable to their home technology situation.