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    Unanswered: questions from begener

    Hello little girls and wise boys!

    I've just finished my first degree studies and starded carier in analysis in Bank, in Poland. I don't have much practice in creatin SQL queries so I would like to ask here some elementary questions. I will be grateful if ya will help me to solve the problemos.

    Can ya tell me how to choose only one record, with maximum date. I wrote this:

    select a.*
    from tabela as a
    where (select max(date)
    from tabela as b
    where a.ID = b.ID)
    but this doesn't work

    also doesn't work
    select *
    from tabela
    where rownum <2

    I work in SAS Guide, in proc SQL

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    SELECT employee_id 
    FROM   employees 
    WHERE  hire_date = (SELECT Max(hire_date) 
                        FROM   employees) 
           AND rownum = 1;
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