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    Unanswered: Error 3086 - simple Access Delete Wont Run

    Having problems getting simple access delete query to work. Select works fine but get Error 3086 when I try to delete. I want to delete all records in 1 table if they have matching Date records in table 2. This is my Sql:

    DELETE [Daily DB].*
    FROM Max_Date LEFT JOIN [Daily DB] ON Max_Date.X_DATE = [Daily DB].X_DATE;

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    I don't know what error 3086 is; what's the message text?

    In any case, why the left join? You need an inner join if you want to delete what's equal, not a left join. Be happy the delete didn't work. With the left join, and no WHERE clause to define a filter, you would have deleted the entire contents of the table.

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