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    Unanswered: moving from dedicated to vps

    Hello i run 4 forum abt 3-6GB vbulletin db each i start them in 2008

    i have a dedicated with 256 GB SSD for mysql and 2TB for storage ram 12GB i was using innodb

    now after google update i lose 90% of my traffic

    so for that i dont see a reason why should i continue using this dedicated that cost me 350$ per month i am moving to a vps

    i did buy a vps with 50GB SSD and 200GB space

    i wanna move my database to vps

    should i use innodb ? or MyISAM ?

    also i dont know how to move db to the ssd any one can explain

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    1. Use same db type, if innodb use innodb. you can always buy additional space.
    2. use mysqldump to dump database in sql file, copy file to vps and run mysql < db.sql.
    3. there is no matter for mysql if you are using hdd or ssd.
    4. Change your marketing strategy.

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