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    Unanswered: Load utility

    Hallo everyone,

    I have some terms regarding LOAD, which I dont understand:

    1. The load utility does not support loading data at the hierarchy level.
    What does "data at hierarchy level" mean?

    2. Required connection.
    Database. If implicit connect is enabled, a connection to the default database is established
    What does an "implicit connect" mean?

    Thank you for your helps.


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    1 . refers to user defined data types that have sub-types which themselves can have sub-types etc. (As in the Object Oriented idea, a nightmare with DB2, in my opinion).

    2. If environment variable DB2DBDFT has a value (a connectable database name) then
    utilities will connect to that database if running locally), otherwise the utility uses the existing database connection if there is one already established.

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    Thank you db2mor,

    1. regarding DB2DBDFT:
    I tried to google this, not really fully understand. Does it mean, that if this variable is set to a database alias(sample), I would not need:
    db2 connect to sample

    2. I read regarding DB2DBDFT:
    "if an application has no connection to a database, the set DB2DBDFT will be taken... "
    Question: what does application in term of DB2 mean? Is CLP also an application?

    Thank you.


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