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    Unanswered: Best Partitioning Strategy to use

    I have a table called LOCATION which will grow to 60M records within a 2 year period. This is a historical dimension, for which there is a unique sequence primary key, and a unique business key which is the LOCATION_ID + CHANGE_DATE + CHANGE_TIME. I'm not sure what the best partitioning strategy would be. I think users will want to pull for a specific LOCATION ID all of the changes to it over time. That would suggest a hash - range, but that isn't an option. This is 11G btw. I want to take advantage of partition pruning. I don't want to enable FK constraints due to load performance, so don't want to use REF parititioning. Interval limits me to just single level. What should I try? Thank you!

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    i would say if it historical data, so i would try a range partition

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