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    Unanswered: SUM Field in Subreport - NEED TO HAVE ON MY REPORT FOOTER

    I have a report that includes a subreport. One of the fields in the subreport is called TOTAL HOURS SCHEDULED - it sums 16 separate fields summed in a group footer.

    My main report includes 14 records. I have an unbound field with the Control Source = TOTAL HOURS SCHEDULED as noted above in the subreport.

    My main report also includes a field called DAILY TOTAL SALES. In the footer of the main report I have a TOTAL DAILY SALES field. The formula is =sum([DAILY TOTAL SALES]). Works fine.

    When I attempt to create the formula that sums the TOTAL HOURS SCHEDULED, the formula in the report footer does not work. The formula is =sum([TOTAL HOURS SCHEDULED]).

    Is there an easy way to fix this?

    Thanks for your quick help ...

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    First, make a sum of TOTAL HOURS SCHEDULED in the subform's form footer, which will have the formula
    perhaps called SumTotalHrsSced. Since this text box is on your subform, you have to tell your main report that. The correct formula for the textbox in the main form is:
    If you need additional details, you can find them in the Help files for subforms.


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    Set the datasource to be the same as the total daily sales.

    Whilst you are at it i'd make life easier for myself in the long term by getting rid of space in table, column and control names
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