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    Unanswered: problems with connection parent-subform

    I have the following problem in access 2010 which I just currently use. I'm working for a NGO and they want me to create a access DB based on information they have given me.

    I'm a bit annoyed, because this thing that seems to me quite straight forward won't work, but maybe I overlooked something.
    With the wizard, I create a form in order to connect one or more sub-sectors to an existing sector.

    After I reached the last sector, I was still able to move ahead. After I clicked on the next button, the sector id and name field turned empty, but I was still able to fill in the fields
    of the sub-form and save without any problems. And yes when I checked the sub-sector table new records had been created without the foreign key: sectorID.
    This happened even though I checked the integrity box while creating the table relationships.

    So after that I changed the sector-form properties 'Allow Editions', 'Allow Deletions' and 'Allow Edits' to 'No'. I checked on the individual sector form and everything went fine: after the last record, the 'next record' button was grayed out. So I created a new form/sub form and based on that sector form I had just changed.

    In this case it still went wrong: after the last record, I still was able to scroll further. Then again the first sector showed up again and after attaching some sub-sectors to it,
    the sub- sectors table showed new records but again without foreign keys!

    To be clear: the only thing I would like the user to be able to do is to link sub-sectors to existing sectors and they're not allowed to create, edit or remove any of the sectors!! Does anyone knows a possible solution?

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