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    Unanswered: SP Executed successfully in SSMS but fail in C++/ODBC

    I have an app that run from multiple computers and must synchronize something between its internal database and one database from SQL server.

    I use some temporary tables to insert internal database's data and then call an SP to synchronize data, it will process data row-by-row and then either update them in SQL database, insert new rows or delete dropped rows. Since I should support customers that have SQL server 2000, I should have a solution other than MERGE.

    The problem is my SP work very well in SSMS but it suddenly fail when called from my application, I use C++ native code and use ODBC and SQL Native Client for connection with SQL server.

    I have attached my database creation commands and a simple test case.

    Each time that I execute #SynchronizeP from C++ app I get a sudden error somewhere in between the SP and transaction will be failed, but executing the code in SSMS is perfect. I tried anything but I can't come up with an answer!!
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    I think you're misusing temporary objects. They only exist for the duration of the connection that created them. Once the connection is severed, - they become inaccessible and get cleaned up by the server.
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