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    Unanswered: Query for Warnings

    I was looking to create query in MS Access that uses 4 fields.

    IssuedFor Text
    IssuedAt Date/Time
    WarningType Text
    IsSales Yes/No

    I'm to get the query to display only IssuedFor, IssuedAt and WarningType.

    IssuedFor = displays the PersonsID
    IssuedAt = displays time and date of warning
    WarningType = one of the many diff warnings
    IsSales = Only selects Sales staff from DB (Hidden)

    Example Outcome:

    IssuedFor IssuedAt WarningType

    12454 12:12:2012 14:00:00 Incorrect Sale
    12454 12:12:2012 16:00:00 Incorrect Sale
    12454 12:12:2012 18:00:00 Incorrect Sale

    12454 17:12:2012 09:00:00 Incorrect Transfer
    12454 17:12:2012 10:00:00 Incorrect Transfer
    12454 17:12:2012 11:00:00 Incorrect Transfer

    This shows only when the WarningType is the same for 3 times or more and will filter out all the instances where there are 1 or 2 warnings. I'm trying to show this query for the full week and the warnings would be grouped by date.

    I tried building this with a duplicate query but couldn't get the expressions correct. Any Ideas?


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    Make a separate query that sums the warnings based on ID and any other criteria. The query results should only display where the count of warnings >= 3. Save the query and make it a "table" in the main query with an inner join to id and whatever other criteria. That'll filter out the onesies and twosies.

    Last edited by Sam Landy; 08-23-12 at 22:54. Reason: Should be the count, not the sum.

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