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    Question Unanswered: Can't generate SPREADSHEET output in Reports

    We are using Reports I want to generate in my (Not deployed in the AS) PC a simple tabular report but in spreadsheet format. I use this command line command in a batch file.

    d:\OracleDevR1\bin\rwrun.exe USERID=user1/user123@db1
    DESNAME=c:\temp\rpt_10gr2_101202_1_excel_output.xl s

    I get this error in the log file

    REP-0826: Invalid printer driver
    'spreadsheet' specified by parameter

    However, I can generate DESFORMAT=HTML, DESFORMAT=PDF output. The HTML and PDF files are created.

    I even installed Excel 2007 but still gives the same error.

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    DESFORMAT can be case-sensitive, depending on your OS. Have you tried using uppercase?

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    Sorry, I have used the release 1 exe. With release 2 (forms) exe this works. BUT, the output is useless. i.e. It's not a 100% match with the PDF output. lots of lines between records and no graphics and it's not useful as an excel sheet.

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    Hmmmm.... yes... There's an explanation though... Oracle Reports sucks! I am currently battling with Oracle Reports and it's utilisation of fonts (or the lack thereof). Very frustrating component. Actually, Oracle does not do anything UI well.

    If you want nice Excel output from Oracle, then either develop a .NET Stored Procedure (only available on windows) that automates Excel to produce output, or use POI.

    I have been using POI for around two years now with varying degrees of success.

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