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    Database Checklists

    Hi everybody,
    for my internship i'm trying to design a database for a process which helps to keep an eye on the project advance. Nowadays it works like this, that every supplier has his Excel Sheet (Checklist) with all the parts on it he is supposed to supply. There exist 6 phases with different questions which can be answered with Yes/No, or in some cases, with Yes/No/No applicable (N/A). Every question has got a responsibility (departments) and each item belongs to one employee who is responsible for the process.
    First thing i had to do was improve the excel sheets with some macros to automate some steps and improve usability. I am going to work ith MS Access 2007 because i think it is the best way to get into this. VBA shouldn't be a problem.

    I already have got a design of the database. I'm student in the mayor mechanical engineering so i have never heard anything of databases before and i got all my knowledge by some random reading in the internet.

    First question would be if this design in general can work out. Therefore i'll attach a screenshot with the database design.

    The second thing would be if i can do everything i want with this database design. The biggest advantage should be the possibility to write a routine to have a look at the advance of the project. Therefore it should be possible to see all parts of one supplier and all the questions of one phase in a matrix. Also it would be great to see the advance of each responsibility group and the overall process of one phase (every supplier and every part). The advance is measured by questions answered by "Yes" (12 of 22 answered with yes for example) and the questions are ordered chronologically representing a step in the process.

    So the second and last question is, if i can achieve this with my database concept. If yes, the "how" i can figure out somehow...

    I am really a bloody rookie on this topic so please be kind with me I thank everybody for reading this and it would be great to have some kind of response for what i am thanking in advance.
    English is not my mother tongue so please excuse minor errors in spelling and grammar.

    Have a nice friday and later on a nice weekend!

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