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    Which database for my needs?

    Hello all, I've got an idea to setup a database to host bowling information. Just joined this site today, because I don't know what I'm doing, and I need your help! My short-term plan is to keep a database offline for a few leagues that I bowl in. Long-term, I'd like to host a website where other leagues could upload data and easily view, sort, graph all sorts of pertaining information.

    Can anyone guide me on how to start? I'm fairly technical (have a BS in EE), have taken a few programming classes and I'm solid with Excel, I just don't have any database background and my online research of databases has left me overwhelmed. I've got actual data that I can input manually, but I don't have a DB structure yet. I'm hoping I can do this with MS Access '07, but if its not the right tool, let me know what the right tool is (hopefully free or cheap). I've got a full time job as an EE, I'm looking to do this as a hobby for now.

    Here are the fields I want to be able to input, sort by:

    Country Region - (exclusive to country, lets say 10 different regions)
    State - (exclusive to Country Region, ~5 states per region)
    State Region - (exclusive to State, ~1-6 State regions per state)
    USBC body - (exclusive to State Region, ~1-10 USBC bodies per Region)
    Center - (exclusive to USBC body, 5-20 Centers per USBC body)
    League - (exclusive to center, 5-100 Leagues per Center)
    Team - (exclusive to league, 4-100 Teams per League)
    Bowler - (Can also be in other Leagues, Centers, USBC bodies, <=6 Bowlers per Team)
    -- Year - (applies to Bowler, Team, League, Center)
    -- Week - (applies to Year, Bowler, Team, League, Center; 6-40 weeks per year)
    -- Game - (applies to Week, Year, Bowler, Team, League, Center; 2-4 games per week)

    Information will be updated weekly for each League.

    I want to be able to sort data by all the above criteria. For instance, query the top 5 bowlers (by average, within a league) in a specific USBC body. Were there any 300's bowled at a certain Center in the Month of November, 2011? Graph a certain Bowlers cumulative average over the course of one year in a given league. That sort of stuff.

    Can someone give me a little help? Even if someone can feed me a little bit of info at time so I can get the ball rolling, I would be much appreciated. I realize this probably isn't real simple and will take real time investment.

    I guess my first questions:
    1. Is MS Access adequate?
    2. What "type" of database am I looking for?
    3. Is there a template I can use, or do I start with a blank database?


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    For your questions:

    1. surely for initial testing as it is probably already installed/available.

    2. any of the current/popular database systems should work well. Suggest you download one of the free offerings (mysql, postgresql). There is no need to jump up to an Oracle or SQLServer dbms.

    3. suggest you search on the internet. there are many hits for bowling database.
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    1) Access is fine for your needs
    2) two elements a Database, and something to interact with the DB.. Access fulfills both roles in the same package. there are other similar packages such as Open Office.
    3) as ever Google is your Matey
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    If you're planning on making it accessible via the web in the future - think about where you might host it , price etc. There are many popular free editions of database servers (mysql,sql server etc) .
    But definately for initial design and familiarising with the relational concepts Access is adequate

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