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    Cool Unanswered: Backups and history

    Hey Gang,

    I've been out of the dba game for a while and it feels good to be back. Greenplum aint it's cracked up to be. I have a Oracle database on a windows box that has not been back up for 4 months. Don't worry. I've store the last back available in a safe place, created my on from yesterday and they are both safe. I need a tool to automate and manage this process. RMAN seems like the tool of choice, I know that from the old days. My problem is getting the enterprise manager setup to access it. Which version to use and how often to reclaim the storage space. Any suggestion would appreciated.


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    Which version to use
    What version is your Db? Do you intend to use DBConsole or Grid Control?
    how often to reclaim the storage space
    How much storage space do you have, and how much is being used each day?
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